New musical box system provides many options

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After bathing, diapering and cuddling with their little ones, many families rely on soft music to prepare for baby’s bedtime. sigikid supports this wonderful ritual with a huge selection of musical boxes.
Many parents and grandparents have clear priorities when it comes to their choice of music. To ease the search for the ideal combination of figure and melody, sigikid began offering a new musical box system several months ago.
A total of five musical mechanisms with five beloved bedtime melodies are available to choose from. They can be combined with any musical box figure manufactured since the summer of 2008.
This also makes it possible to replace the musical box later on. And if this beloved toy ever needs washing – that’s not a problem either! The musical box is easily removed before washing, and replacing it after drying is child's play.

Four beloved lullabies are available to choose from:

Mozarts Wiegenlied 

Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen   1

Brahms Wiegenlied  1

Schlaf, Kindchen, schlaf  1


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