1968 - 1998

11968 Theo Köhler turned over the company to his granddaughter Sigrid Gottstein.

Sigrid and her husband Josef Gottstein noticed that there were no high quality toys for children being manufactured.

The company management was convinced that good design and high quality are very important factors for the development of a child.

However, toys combining these two criteria were nowhere to be found. Based on this observation, an autonomous toy factory was established under the old shell company H. Scharrer & Koch.

Naturally, it was obvious that for the commercialization of this new product line, a new and possibly international and concise name should be found. The trademark "sigikid" is derived from the first name of the owner "Sigi" and "kid".

The objectives of sigikid's products are to offer high quality, challenging products with a design suitable for children.

Until today these objectives represent the foundations of sigikid H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH & Co. KG.

1Three years after the establishment of the company, the Bayreuth premises became too small. The company moved to Mistelbach, which is situated approximately 5 kilometers away from Bayreuth, on the borders of the so-called Franconian Switzerland.

The development of the company soon required expansion on a larger scale. In the eighties, sigikid manufactured  a varied range of products such as women's fashion, collector's bears and artist dolls. At that time, sigikid offered a product line of over 4.000 articles.